Every city you visit has a lot of activities to offer you. Either for fun, to relax or spend a great time with family, friends or even by yourself. I think the following, are some of my favorites so far. (so far! the more I travel, the more I know)

Paris: up to the top! One of my favorite cities to visit is Paris. Full of history, beautiful gardens, fun streets and of course, very romantic and glamorous. I believe that one of the best way to see this metropolis from a different point, is from the world famous Eiffel Tower. The best time to visit it, is very earlier in the morning. You have 3 levels to enjoy, the first one is a restaurant, then 2 different floors, each with an observation deck. I had an amazing time from the top floor, but I think the 2nd floor is the perfect point to see every corner of this gorgeous city. If you go to Paris and don’t visit this tower, you didn’t meet Paris. Another thing I love doing in this city, a tour by the Seine. My favorite, a boat that includes dinner. Local food, amazing view and a great ambience and experience. You can read my post about the bridges in Paris.

Tour Eiffel

(I added the following note after another experience I had the 3rd time I visited Paris) I wrote “The best time to visit it, is very earlier in the morning” Now, after I experienced it in a different way, I could say the following: The best time to visit the tower is 1-2 hours before sunset. It all depends on the season, it might take longer to get on the elevator if the line is long. I visited it by the end of October one day and the line was very long by 5pm. I went again the next day by 4pm and it was very fast. Naturally, visiting the tower at anytime is amazing! I think I wrote before visiting it in the morning because it might be clear the sky or less people around. But my point of view changed after I lived in this city for a while. Why do I add this? 1st. the view is still gorgeous; 2nd. you get to see the sunset from an amazing point of view; 3rd. you can see the sparkling lights for 5 minutes (while I was there it was at 6pm, it might change the time); and 4th. you get to see the city of light at night from one of the most recognizable structure around the globe. Since it was fall, I thought I might freeze, but the weather was much better than when I visited during summer and in the morning. I think it was less windy. Watching the sunset from up there it’s AMAZING. You get to see every single tone of yellows and reds. And to make it better, you get to see the reflexion of lights on the Seine River. You also get to enjoy all the lights of important monuments and buildings turning on.

Sunset from the tower.
Eiffel Tower at night

Tuscany: a tour. There are a lot of movies where you can take a look at many of the towns located at this Italian region. But I encourage you to visit and see for yourself those wonderful scenaries. And the best way to do it, is by taking a Tuscany tour. I did it and it was awesome! In one day we visited historic Sienna, stroll by San Gimignano where we also had an delicious organic lunch with local wine, and finally, Pisa. Either if you rent a car and go by yourself or take a tour so you can listen to stories about the places you visit, the breathtaking view will make you come back another time. If you are going soon, please take me! 🙂

In San Gimignano, Tuscany.

Orlando: Walt Disney World is also for grown ups! It doesn’t matter what’s your age, in Orlando, Florida you will find lots of activities to do with family and friends. Variety of attractions, the best roller coasters, water parks, shopping and much more. I love going to Disney, and even more Epcot, it’s the perfect place to enjoy with friends Drinks around the world. Who said you couldn’t go around the world in 1 day and enjoy delicious dishes, desserts and typical drinks from each country? A mexican margarita, later a beer in Germany, sake in Japan or wine in Italy. Every country has its speciality. Just remember to drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive and you have to be 21 years old or older to drink in the USA. And please, don’t ride ‘Test Track’ or ‘Mission: Space’ after some drinks! I invite you to visit a new site I’m working with, although is in Spanish, but it’s ‘All About Disney’

Sake in Japan
Beer in Germany
Frozen drink in China



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