Although I have never heard anyone say ‘I’m going on vacation to Tulsa’, this city of Oklahoma may not be very touristy, but we had a very pleasant long weekend in this city.

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Our main mission to visit Tulsa, well, my husband’s, it was to visit the Bob Dylan Center which is located in Downtown. Also my cousin lives there so let’s take advantage of the days.

I’ll be working on a video showing you everything we visited, but here today I’ll suggest you where to eat if you visit Tulsa, especially downtown area. We tried really good dishes at different spots, so why not share them with you.

The Daily Grill

I first have to mention The Daily Grill. It is located at the hotel where we were staying, so the first night we tried dinner and the next morning we decided to try breakfast, if we didn’t like it we would go to another place for breakfast.

I don’t know what’s special about it, but the pancakes have been the best we’ve ever had so we had to return the next morning for more. So delicious! And the service was always very good too. A little expensive for our tastes, but it was worth it.

For an afternoon quick lunch, we tried Andolini’s Pizzeria Sliced Blue Dome.

Someone in Florida already recommended this place for us and we loved it. You get to order pizza by the slice so you can try different flavors.

And don’t forget gelato at the end!

On the famous Route 66 we stopped at Tally’s Good Food Café. It is a classic diner, where we tried burgers. They were really good. And great price!

Obviously, do not expect something healthy here, but as I always say, calories do not count on a trip 😆.

Although it is not for eating, but in Downtown ​​Tulsa we had to visit a tiki bar, Saturn Room. The place is amazing and the drinks are fun and sooo good!

Other places we went to, not in downtown area, it was Hard Rock Hotel & Casino that has some spots to eat and a chain that I went for the first time while in Salt Lake City and I think is excellent: Slim Chickens.

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