About 2 years ago, a bit before lockdown in 2020, I got married!! And of course, he is also a wanderer 🙂

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We didn’t want a big party or anything fancy, but my parents (especially my mom) wanted something to celebrate I was getting married (I’m sure they thought ‘finally’!) so, I decided to do something that can describe us, at a place we both enjoy and very relaxed: A travel theme reception and a beach ceremony.

Something we were glad about was the time we decided to do the ceremony, in the morning (Ceremony 10am, reception until 3pm) so right after the ‘official’ reception was over, we got to hang out with all of our friends longer, so it was literally a full day celebration. We even enjoyed watching the sunset with all of them.

The Venezuelan table.

I had so many ideas, about than 3 months to plan everything. It was going to be my little production. We searched many venues and visited 3, one of them was Sirata Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. There were few details that made us decided that was our venue:

  • All the staff we met on our tour were super friendly! Seriously, every one!
  • Even when they have various rooms for reception, the one we liked, it was only steps away from the beach. So it wasn’t like others that we needed to walk a lot from one point to the other. Sand was right there that we were barefoot most of the time. I don’t even know why I bought shoes. Our ‘hippie’ side was happy.
  • St. Petersburg was the 1st city I moved in when I came to Florida (1999). St. Pete Beach was our 1st vacation together as a couple.
  • The planner, Tracy, was amazing and super helpful at all times!

Something that it was easy in a way, it was to figure out how many tables and how I was going to set up the centerpiece. So obviously I though of my favorites cities or countries and that they are close to me in a way:

  • Venezuela (my country)
  • Pennsylvania (his state)
  • Colombia (my 2nd country)
  • Brazil (my other family… my sister-in-law’s country)
  • Niger (where my nephew was born)
the Pennsylvania table

And then my favorite places in the world (so far) or that somehow was easier to have decor for the centerpieces 🙂

  • Ireland
  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • New York
  • London

I just needed to pay attention to them since they are part of my decor at home and I couldn’t lose them or give them away :).

The Colombian table

For music… I mean, Trev is a professional so why not us? It was so much fun to 1) save money 2) create playlists, we knew what our guests wanted to hear because we know them and it was a fun thing to do. I think everyone loved it!

Photography was fun too… I was a bit scared about this so I wanted to get someone who can have fun, create beautiful images. I don’t like those typical photos getting ready, I don’t know.. I’m not ‘typical’ in a way lol so I found thanks to a friend, a photographer girl who actually travels around the world taking photos… She was AMAZING! You can check out ALN Images (Alexandra) on her IG and site.

The London table

As a videographer I wanted to have a video, but lot of friends were telling me that they probably watch their video once or twice and that’s it. So I thought, why not let everyone know to record videos on their phones (horizontal please 😆) and then send it to me. I thought of old time when smart phones weren’t a thing and you would find a disposable camera on each table and then the newly weds will have photos taken by guests, as from their perspective… so why not doing something similar but with video! I think it was fun at the end and no cost at all.

We also added a table on a side with vintage travel postcards so friends and family can write a message for us. Either a thought, a suggestion for an adventure or a marriage tip.

And for wedding favor, I got a little suitcase and I placed some chocolates or candies from different countries inside them. So I got candies from Greece and Japan, chocolates from Brazil, Venezuela and Ireland.

Our wedding wasn’t the most elegant or fancy or super expensive wedding. It was fun, warm, relaxed… with a touch of wanderlust and with the people we truly love. Some people were missing because the craziness with Covid-19 was starting on this side. One of my friends flew from Spain and she was getting worried that she might got stuck here, luckily she got to go back to Madrid. My family (parents and aunts) weren’t that lucky because they got stuck here. The venue closed its door 2 days after the wedding and our ceremony was the last one to happened there.

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