I was reading an article about ‘what do you learn from traveling?’ There are so many things that I needed to write a whole post about it.


I think the most important thing I’ve learn, it’s grabbing whatever opportunity comes to me! I never regret of anything, I believe that whatever we did in the past made us the person we are today, whatever we are doing right now will be present in the future. However, before, I used to think about ‘consequences’ and thought too much about some things, I still do of course specially if it’s going to be something illegal I won’t do it for sure. But if it’s a good thing, something that makes me happy, something that makes me try and know more and feel joyful and special and those butterflies we feel in the stomach… oh yeah, I’m in! Life is to live it. Of course, there are people that rather live life in their own town for years… great for them, not for me. 🙂


Culture is different in every region. We CAN’T point at someone because he/she is different. Even manners when eating is sooo different and it doesn’t even matter if they speak the same language.


With a smile you do a lot!! First, it helps you to feel good with yourself. And a lot of people help you on the way. Just keep smiling! And of course, I love learning in different languages how to say ‘Thanks’ ‘Hi’ ‘Please’ or ‘Excuse me’, that makes them smile.

2015-10-31 12.40.46

Not everyone lives like you do…


Didn’t finish your meal? Take it to go and give it to a homeless, I’ve seen women living in the streets with their children (5-10years old). No homeless where you are? Take it to your room, but don’t waste food!. Sometimes I even feed stray dogs, in countries like Venezuela or Mexico you’ll find a lot of dogs or cats without a home.

The word ‘normal’ doesn’t exist, I have no idea what normal is, and love it.

Amazing guides in Roraima

There are so many words in your language that has the same meaning in another language, there are some words in your language that mean the opposite in that other language or even the same language! (try to say ‘estoy arrecha’. Venezuelan way: I’m very angry,  in another country like in Colombia: I’m horny). Also, other words get on my mind that they become part of my normal conversation as: ‘nossa’ (Brazil) (it’s like saying ‘Oh my God’) or agreeing to something saying ‘vale’ (Spain) (only when speaking in Spanish).


Ladies, not true ‘all guys are the same’ hahaha. Guys, we are NOT the same! 🙂


Even when we only have 1 sun, 1 moon… Everywhere I go they amaze me! I love my sunsets in Key West and in Lechería I see it so colorful that it’s very impressive.

Sunrise in Orlando
Sunset from a mall in Lima
Sunset from Roraima base camp

Coffee is soooo different everywhere hahaha nah, for real! I actually need to learn how to order it in every country I go. In Venezuela I always get a ‘marrón’ while in South Florida (usually at a Cuban or any other latin shop) ‘cortadito’ but in Spain ‘café con leche’ which it’ll be a different one from Venezuela or from South Florida. Of course, I still like my Starbucks and it’s everywhere and it’s the same everywhere, but I usually try to go to a local coffee house. Much better!

Coffee in Brazil. This coffee house is delicious!

Traveling alone made me stronger and even when I never care what people think or how they see me, now I don’t even pay attention… Unless there’s a creepy guy staring at me… :/ but Venezuela made me pay attention to stuff like that. (read my post about traveling alone)

Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela
Eating alone at a restaurant? Actually never because I always end up having an great conversation with either the waiter or bartender.

Charleston, SC

Knowing other languages is amazing! Plus I get to practice the languages I know… unless I’m in South Florida, I think I get to speak more English while in Madrid than in Florida 🙂 If you don’t know other language, don’t worry! You’ll get a way to communicate 😉

rest. Palma de Mallorca

Not caring about material things is super amazing… Of course, my cameras are not a thing :).

Sunset in Aruba

You get to know you better! When I went to Mount Roraima I wasn’t sure I could make it, I did, it was painful but I did! There’s nothing I can’t do, nothing you can’t do, you just need to try it (at least one time) once you do it, makes you stronger and makes you believe more in yourself. It’s an amazing feeling!

by the edge of Mount Roraima
Most important… Taking care of this planet!! There are so many amazing sights to see, places to visit… Looking at pictures is not the same as experiencing them!  (but you can watch my videos – Youtube or AT29 – 😉 haha) We have to take care of OUR home so we and future generations can enjoy everything we have! Reuse, recycle, reduce…

Angel Falls

It’s not about staying at the best hotel with the view. The best ‘hotel’ I stayed in, 2 actually, outdoors, 1) in front of Angel Falls and listening to the water fall! And 2) in tents waking up and looking at Roraima… No words to describe it. (Well, and all the beach nights – at Mochima National Park – when I was a kid).

that green thing... it's me :)
that green thing… it’s me 🙂 – Angel Falls Base Camp
Base camp – Mount Roraima

So many things to say in one single post. And… what do you learn from your trips??


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