Unless you are traveling 1st class, there’s not a comfy seat in an airplane. From Miami to Madrid, the very uncomfortable and small area for a 9hrs trip. From Madrid to Paris, traveling with one of my old girl friends from Venezuela (we know each other since 3rd grade), I had the middle seat…

I remember once, reading the ‘rules’ (sort of) about traveling, and one of those points said the middle seat should have both arm rest. And I agree! Why? Because window seat, well, it has the window and a ‘wall’ to rest your head and sleep. Aisle seat have more leg space, even though I don’t like it that much because I always get hit by the cart or someone passing by, but they can always get up and go for a walk or to the restroom. Which I rarely do. What do the middle seat gets? Both arm rest! That’s all! Of course, there’s no law about it, there should be one, but at least everyone gets something good. Right? 🙂

However, if it’s a 5 seats section and you are in the middle, I’m so sorry, don’t know what the etiquette should be…

But as soon as I saw both arm rests free, just for a second, I acted fast and took them for me… So I could write this 🙂

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