I’ve been to Europe lots of times, obviously lot of times I’ve had flights for 9-10 hours. But this time, it was AWFUL! There’s no word to describe it!

MIA’s floor

While sitting waiting our turn to depart, I started to smell close to me, I think it was pizza first and then ‘chicharron’ (pork rind)! Wtf? Why??? A plane, even the biggest one, it’s a small area where, I think you need to think about others. Don’t bring food that smells so strong or bad! Thanks 🙂

Beautiful sunset from the plane in Miami

Minutes after takeoff, a girl, maybe in her 20s maybe early 30, had a heart problem and couldn’t breath. Awful moment. They called medical assistance and there were 3 on the flight to help her. Thanks God she was fine after a while and she said it happened to her before.

Food was okay, good compared to other flights, I watched 2 movies (Ant Man and Jurasic World) and tried to sleep… I had to, but it’s always impossible for me.

My complaint about this flight… I was flying with my brother, even taller than me, to Madrid. In American Airlines (because we love our milages). But Oh My God! (Add Janice -Friends- voice here if you like)…. We choose 2 seats together, by the window (2-5-2). But, once the people in front of us reclined their seat, we couldn’t even eat or watch the monitor in front of us. I wasn’t feeling comfortable to recline my seat because I figured I was going to do the same to the person behind me. No space at all!

this is how the designers might think an economic class person looks like.

I think oldest airplanes are much comfortables than newest. Of course, the seats today are much comfortable than before, but the spaces between one seat and the other, in economic class, are getting worst. And I’m not going to pay for 1st class, even for a 9hrs or more, because I rather spend that money in getting to know more sights.

Sunrise, about an hour to arrive in Madrid
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