So I just realized it’s been 2 years since I visited Ireland and I never wrote about my trip to Kinsale.

In Cork ready to go to Kinsale

I remember that the whole trip for Ireland, it was for 2 reasons… well, being one of them a huge reason for different things: St. Patrick’s day and my birthday on March 18th and as I said on other posts, I usually celebrate them together. It’s always fun. The other reason, I actually had other plans for my birthday that year but that relationship was over before Christmas time, so as I always say, nothing or no one will keep me away from my trips plus it was a better plan than the other place I was going to go. Time is gold! 🙂 So after breaking up, well few days later, I called one of my best friends to go to Ireland. It was time for me to get to know that country that I always wanted to go.


The plan was to go to Dublin, but since we decided to go for a whole week to Ireland, why not visiting another place. I don’t know why we decided to go to Cork.

We arrived super late, we took a bus from Dublin airport to Cork and even when it was the cheapest way, it took forever, naturally stopping at every town.

The following morning, after breakfast, we took another bus to go to Kinsale. When I was searching about Cork I read about Kinsale, and looking at so many beautiful pictures, very colorful area, I needed to go.


It was about 30-40 minutes to get to Kinsale.

The funny thing about this trip to the South of Ireland, English is not our first language but we, of course, can communicate in English very well… but, I don’t know why it was so hard for us to get this accent! 🙂 we always laugh about us remembering this. People were talking to us (and they were very friendly at all times) and we had to look at each other to see what part we understood so we could understand the whole thing, just as a puzzle, putting together the pieces. For example, when the guy sold us the bus tickets, he was explaining to us how long will it take, how often the bus passes by and the last bus to return. I got half of it, my friend the other half and it was like that most of the time. Never happened while in Dublin. It’s fun to know other languages for sure! Well, that happens at other Spanish speaking countries too… I sometimes feel lost when talking with someone from Spain 🙂


The view on the way to Kinsale was gorgeous! It was my actual 1st look to the country side. Stunning! I love green fields.


When we arrived, we started walking following the River Brandon. We were looking at the marine, lots of boats, later some houses in front of the river. Those houses were so cute, it was a nice area, but it wasn’t like everything I saw Online few days ago.


We started to get confused and not happy about our decision. Turned around and started walking back to the bus station. As always, I saw a different path to go back and started to walk that way, Paty (my friend) wasn’t that happy plus she was feeling a bit ill. But it was a great decision after all. Those narrow streets were beautiful! Every building with different colors, flowers, great decoration, specially because St. Patrick’s day was getting closer. Plus the weather was great! Some locals we met even told us that we brought the good weather haha


Our stroll around the city was amazing. Kinsale was a nice place to visit after all. It was a quick trip because we only had 1 day to see Kinsale and Cork since we didn’t plan the long trip from Dublin to Cork, plus our flight was delayed from Madrid so we practically lost a whole day traveling from Madrid to Dublin to Cork. We needed to go back to Cork to get to know it before it was dark. Nice city! (read about a coffee shop we visited here)



Remember you can watch AT29’s video about Cork and Kinsale here

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