I have to confess that I am a ‘Disney Addict’ and if there’s a group to treat it, I don’t want to join. I mean, family lives in Orlando, I live 4 hours away -sometimes less 🙂 – if I’m in South Florida, I’m either driving to Key West or to Orlando. I have annual passes for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios (which I don’t visit as often as Disney).


A lot of friends ask me why or if I’m not too old for it. Hey, I don’t ride ‘Small World’ or ‘Dumbo’ every time. I actually think I have never done the Dumbo ride. And I’ve been visiting since I was a newborn when only Magic Kingdom and Epcot (EPCOT Center by that time) were the parks.

Well, there are a lot of things that you can enjoy as an adult, without kids, with your partner or even alone. I love every other time visiting alone just to take pictures. If you don’t know, I have another blog where I write about WDW and all the entertainment you can find in Orlando, so I need to keep the blog -and myself- updated. (the blog it’s in Spanish)


I always recommend to friends that if going for the 1st time or it’s been really long time not visiting, Magic Kingdom is the 1st one to see. But I believe Epcot is the one where you can enjoy more as adult and forget (or almost) that Disney World is a ‘kids park’

Drinking at the Morocco Pavilion

At Epcot you can do ‘Drinks Around The World’, enjoy various dishes from different countries, so don’t forget to make reservations to one of the many amazing restaurants in the park. Actually, there are Annual Passes just for Epcot after 4pm to visit the restaurants. Also, at Epcot, you can find diverse festivals as the International Flower and Garden Festival or the International Food and Wine Festival. Both are beautiful events that a lot of kids won’t be so happy spending hours in there. My personal favorite the Food and Wine, you get to try various dishes and drinks from lot of countries. Plus, there are concerts!

2013-07-20 17.48.28
My favorite at Epcot ‘Margarita Fiesta’

While visiting Epcot, I always see bachelor and bachelorette parties, spring breakers enjoying the ‘Drink around the world’, a lot of people over 21 years-old having fun, even over 30 (including me and my group). I mean, you can have different alcoholic drinks from 11 countries and dishes too.

Another spot I love going for a stroll, the Boardwalk area or also known as the Epcot Resorts Area. Various Disney Resorts are surrounding a lake with restaurants, bars and even night clubs where you have to be over 21 years-old or older to get in. Go for a walk, relax and have fun. There are many great restaurants and activities you can enjoy.



At Disney Springs you can also find lot of restaurants, bars, stores and entertainment. One of my favorite is an Irish Pub (of course, I love my pubs) Raglan Road. Great food, great drinks and fun entertainment every day. During an afternoon, sometimes with friends or my mom, we sat at a Margarita Bar to enjoy the view (they have live music every other time)



If staying for a couple of days in Walt Disney World, you have different options for hotels inside Disney. The ‘Value Resorts’ are the most likely kids will love because of the decorations, you’ll feel as part of your favorite movie. If don’t mind paying a bit extra, ‘Moderate Resorts’ and ‘Deluxe Resorts’ even when they have its Disney Magic, I think it’s more ‘adult’ than the others. You can even find spas, gyms, bars, and night entertainment as in Port Orleans: Riverside where ‘Ye Haa’ Bob Jackson performs a very popular piano sing-along comedy show where you can participate! I love it!


But most important, don’t forget you are in Disney!! So don’t be afraid to let your inner child to have fun and enjoy any theme park and everything at Walt Disney World.

If you are by yourself, don’t doubt to contact me to join you, I love spending some fun time in Disney. Hopefully I’m in town 🙂

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