So, my flight was scheduled at 3am, I was staying at another city, so I needed to get to the airport a day before. I arrived by 6pm… lot of time to kill.

Before my flight, I asked some of my friends/family where I was staying to see if it was safe for me to stay alone that late. They all told me it was safe, there’s always people around and I can add now, it was nice. Obviously, the waiting is not that fun.


There are a lot of places that stay open 24/7. Plus you can have for free a cart for the luggage, if like me not traveling light it’s perfect (Brazil was my stop -for a month- between Miami and Caracas, and when traveling to Venezuela I always bring lot of things I can’t find as medicines or shampoo)


My 1st stop, after a long trip on the road, it was at one of the coffee shops I love in Brazil: Kopenhagen.


Then, I walked around the airport, and got to know the new area (new for me) Terminal 3. Pretty nice.

Various stores including souvenirs, pharmacy, clothing and more, were open at least until mid night when I started the check in.

Before heading to the check in, my last stop was at a Starbucks to get a ‘brigadeiro’ frapuccino and few ‘pão de queijó’ to say ‘see you soon’ Brazil.


Free Wi-Fi although it’s a bit complicated some times I wanted to upload a photo and it was imposible using the airport Wi-Fi. There are lot of places to sit and even connect your electronics.

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