While in Venezuela I decided to take a flight to Aruba. It’s only 45 minutes trip and the ticket it was about $120 buying it in Bolivares in Venezuela. Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, also known as “One Happy Island” and it really is!!


The official languages in Aruba are Dutch and Papiamento, although you’ll find a lot of people speaking in English and Spanish. The official currency is Aruban Florin, however, American Dollars are perfectly welcome to use.

Love the multi languages welcome!

Arriving and seeing the clear waters from above I knew it was going to be a great and relax weekend. Although I also saw grey sky. I started to pray for the rain to go away because I didn’t want another raining trip! (not ready for another trip as Venice or Buzios)

Very artistic welcome at the airport 🙂

After checking in, went for a walk by the beach in the area of Palm Beach. Beautiful.


Minutes later, I was stepping into a small shopping mall that has some nice stores, a small grocery market (perfect to get me some water and juices to take to the hotel), ice cream and coffee shops. Even chain restaurants as Tony Roma’s and Texas de Brazil.


From there, walked back to the hotel for a nap. I woke up really earlier for my flight and the hot sun wasn’t helping me. After the nap, went to a bar to grab a Piña Colada (of course!), got closer to the sea and sat down on the sand to enjoy the sunset. Stunning! It was so relaxing, listening to the waves, my feet almost touching the water, all the colors in the sky… it was amazing. I was sure I was going to do the same the following days. Maybe from other points.


I went for another stroll, opposite side, until I reached an area with more restaurants and small kiosks selling souvenirs. I needed to do some browsing on those kiosks.

Later, a bit hungry, I sat at an Italian restaurant, ‘Casa tua’ really good! There are various spots around that area that look nice. Even a Hard Rock Cafe and a Sr. Frogs for other tastes.


After a walk I just returned to the hotel to sat at the bar for a little while before going to bed.


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