Yes, I love visiting Madrid every time I can and stay as long as I can 🙂 I love it! There are so many things to do, places to visit, sights to see that it’s impossible to get tired of it. And of course, I miss my friends that I call family 🙂

While in Madrid, for the 1st time I visited the top floor of The Círculo de Bellas Artes, see there’s always something new for me! By night, few drinks with friends, during the final of a soccer cup (meaning watching a bit soccer on the TVs and seeing the people arrive at Plaza de Cibeles where Real Madrid always go after winning a cup… so it was a super fun night.

Last time I visited I was actually traveling from Cape Verde to Venezuela with a stopover in Lisbon (read about the stopover here), but being so close to Madrid, I decided to add a long weekend (from Friday to Monday) in Spain… I just had to! lol

On Saturday morning, my family (they are actually amazing friends I consider them to be part of my family) took me on a day trip to Aranjuez and Chinchon that are located in the Community of Madrid.

First, we went Aranjuez. It is also known as Royal Estate of Aranjuez and the main area we visited was the Royal Palace. We went there by car, but I’m sure you can get there by metro or bus. I usually use this site to check transportation.

Beautiful area for a stroll around the gardens and fountains.

That day, there was a festival across the street and of course we went to take a look. Lot of local art, food and more.

After a long walk around the town and lunch, we drove to Chinchon. Another small city very close to Madrid and great for a day trip.

2016-05-29 17.28.40 HDR-2

Our first visit, it was to the very well known Plaza Mayor (the main square). A square (well… a round square) from the middle ages and has been stage for many events as bullfights, executions (naturally years ago), and even for movies.

Here the rain stopped us to walk around to see more, so we just grab a coffee at one of the many restaurants by the square and waited few minutes for it to stop.

Of course, always wear comfortable shoes. Two beautiful and different places to visit if you want a day trip from Madrid…

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