I love traveling… it’s the best school and feeling ever. I mean, you get to visit beautiful sights, enjoy amazing cities, learn about different cultures and even languages.


Living few minutes away from Walt Disney World it’s another experience… wait… don’t leave this page… this is not about princesses or animated characters… this is a “Disney for Adults Experience” kind of thing. Believe me, I only meet characters when friends visiting want to meet them.

Walt Disney World Resort offers so many restaurants, delicious cuisine from around the world and for all kind of tastes. But, from August (sometimes September) to November, for 3 months, I invite you to visit Epcot because the best festival takes place at my favorite theme park in the world. My favorite all year round because it’s about cultures and countries, the park has a World Showcase with 11 countries (Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, UK and Canada), if you are learning a language you can try it here since you get to talk and meet people from those countries (they might get annoyed by that, especially France with me lol), it is amazing.

Why Food & Wine Festival?

You will get more than those 11 countries, plus special dishes and drinks from those 11 countries. You get to try small typical dishes and drinks from different countries, sometimes areas like ‘The Islands” meaning the Caribbean and even a kiosk for Florida, we have to try also our own!

First, you have to get a ‘passport’ so you will know about the countries at the festival, get a stamp (or lately it has been a sticker) and know what every country is offering. Maybe a caipirinha from Brazil, to later try a Belgium waffle, jump to South Korea and only few steps away you’ll find Scotland.

2015 passport

Sometimes it’s not all about drinks or food, sometimes… I said sometimes, you can also enjoy concerts (ok… why not? with a drink in your hands). I’ve seen Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Fuel, and this year, the inner teenager from the 90s in me wants to see Hanson and 98 degrees 🙂

If you are really into culinary arts, you can even join seminars, demonstrations and talks about food and drinks! Meet chef and their secrets, enjoy a cheese seminar like “French Cheeses and Wine” (in my mind that’s heaven) and much more!

I don’t know how many times I’ve been to this festival and I won’t stop visiting. This year (2018) begins August 30st and ends November 12th. (More info here)

Naturally, at the end (or before walking around the world) you have to ride “Soarin'” which it will take you flying above the most beautiful places from around the world.

If you are visiting, let me know! I’m sure I’ll be around trying something new 🙂

All photos taken by me for Todo Sobre Disney (site in Spanish)
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