I had visited so many beautiful and amazing places/cities, that I should have different ‘top 5’ of destinations that will take your breath away.

     * Margarita Island:

When people ask us about places in Venezuela, even when we can suggest lot of gorgeous cities, we always say: Margarita Island and La Gran Sabana. If you visit Venezuela and you don’t swim in caribbean waters and enjoy the tropical weather at any time of the year, you went to some other country!

El Agua Beach

One of our favorites spots in Margarita Island is El Yaque Beach. We love to walk out of the room and stay for hours at the beach with a Piña Colada drink in our hands. Then, at night, enjoy the party at the sand, meet people from around the world and have a great time. Besides, it’s an island, there are more beaches that we enjoy like El Agua, Caribe, Punta Arenas among others. They are all gorgeous in different ways. If you want to know more about Margarita Island, read my post about it.


     * Gran Sabana:

To really enjoy this part of the Canaima National Park, we take a road trip from Puerto Ordaz (Bolivar State) and go south to Santa Elena de Uairen (the last town before crossing to Brazil). It’s about 6 hours driving to the entrance of the National Park, but so worthy! Once inside the park, there are lot of streams, falls, rivers and of course, beautiful views of the ‘tepuys’ (table top mountain). Our cameras never stopped capturing every single detail on the way. So many places to stop and enjoy the nature, that we needed more than a day. Kama Meru fall, San Francisco de Yuruani town, Jaspe Stream and Soroape are some of the spots we enjoyed. However, from the entrance of the park to Santa Elena de Uairen the view is breath taking, so anywhere we look is awesome. And to make our trip much better, enjoy with friends (or with your love one) a night under the stars, AMAZING! Our first night, talking with locals and with some chill out music in the background, we saw about 7 shooting stars and even the milky way! Read my post about Gran Sabana.



     * Madrid:

Templo de Debod

What’s not to like about this fascinating and charming metropolis? We spent a whole month during the freezing winter and loved it! There are some cities that after a day or maybe a week you have nothing else to do. In Madrid we never get bored, we always have something to explore and even take a train to visit other towns nearby. Around 30 minutes to get to Toledo, Segovia or El Escorial, each with great history and beautiful scenarios to see. In Madrid we strolled by downtown, browsed all the stores, visited museums, walked by squares and landmarks, enjoyed an afternoon walking at ‘El Retiro’ Park and of course, gotta love ‘tapas’ hopping with ‘caña’, wine or sangria. A city with great activities to do during the day and very exciting nightlife. More about Madrid here.


     * Tuscany:


Bella Toscana! Deciding for just one town in Tuscany it was the most difficult decision about our trip. Our first stop was Florence, that made us keep our eyes wide open, so we wouldn’t miss anything in this incredible city. The architecture of this artistic metropolis is unique, naturally, it’s home for Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Gucci, Cavalli, among others. Naturally, once in the city, you gotta visit all the museums, if possible, reserve tickets before going there, it gets really crowded during high season. We went for a tour around Tuscany, after Florence, we visited Siena. The first spot to visit was Piazza del Campo, the main square of the city. Huge space, with some restaurants in front of Torre del Mangia and the Fonte Gaia. We walked around the narrow streets until we reach the cathedral. Beautiful thanks to all the art you can enjoy while walking through it. Later, we went to San Gimignano, had an organic lunch by the hills while looking at the famous towers of the town. One of the things we had to do, try the ‘gelato world champion’ and it was a really winner! So delicious that the waiting line for maybe 5 minutes was worthy. Our final destination was the world famous leaning tower in Pisa. A small part of the city where you can walk, relax at some of the cafes, browse the souvenirs stands, and certainly, take pictures and climb the tower of Pisa.

San Gimignano


     * South Florida:

Key Biscayne

Usually people refers to going to Miami, since it’s famous, but South Florida has lot to offer. From Miami to West Palm Beach. Very attractive clear waters from north to south. One of the things we like the most is going to Miami South Beach and then drive north by A1A and Collins Av., stopping at some of the beaches like Dania Beach and Deerfield Beach. In Miami, we get to stroll by Coconut Grove or Ocean Dr.. In Hollywood, visiting the downtown is having a great night with friends at one of the many restaurants and bars. Ft. Lauderdale have Las Olas Blvd to have a romantic dinner with a date or party with friends at Riverfront. Sometimes we even go to Boca Raton just to have a cup of coffee or walk in the mall, it’s only few minutes away from Miami! Lot of malls, parks, casinos, bars, irish pubs, restaurants from around the globe, the Everglades, museums, fashion, bridges, canals… It’s difficult to get bored in South Florida!


Remember to keep clean our planet.

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