About this beautiful city I have a lot of great things to say. Every person is so nice, polite and I’m sure they are willing to do anything to make you feel comfortable! I think they were always in a good mood. The streets are very clean, and there are a lot of places – maybe most of them – that use recycled paper and do everything possible to help our planet! *clap clap clap*

— Puedes conocer sobre Bogotá en español aquí —

There is security everywhere, at least taxis I took where great. There are taxis everywhere plus you can also use the Transmilenio buses.

My first night in town, I went to a nearby city, Chia, where I visited Andres Carne de Res. A very original restaurant, super big, where you will have fun while eating. They have special events through the day and night, great food and awesome drinks.

Another city I visited near Bogota: Zipaquira (about 40min away in car) where the famous Salt Cathedral is located. Yes, SALT… the cathedral is underground and everything is made by salt! The crosses, the statues, you even walk in salt! It’s a place you MUST visit if you are in the area. Besides, it is good for your health! You get an hour tour inside where they explain every detail about the origins and future plans.

In Bogota you have a lot of malls to visit, with local and international stores. A variety of cafes, restaurants and bars around the city. A lot of squares and beautiful gardens to walk around and relax. Plus the wonderful weather that I love, it’s always cold, but a nice cold to enjoy the city at anytime, any day. That’s because Bogota is located 2600 meters (about 8,530 feet) over the sea level. And if you want to go higher… visit Monserrate, where you can go by cable car. There is a church, some mini stores to get some souvenirs, have lunch at some of the restaurants and see the nice view of this metropolis!

One of my favorite places I visited at night was the Zona Rosa where the Andino Mall is located, plus a square with a lot of bars and restaurants to hang out at night. From local beers and food to an irish pub and thai food!

In downtown Bogota, visit some of the museums as Botero (free to enter!) and the Gold Museum. Also, take a walk by the Bolivar Square in front of the Cathedral.

My advise, take a taxi everywhere, besides you don’t have to worry about where to park and there’s always a taxi in front of you on time and secure. Obviously, pay attention if you don’t feel secure taking one, always check if they have taximeter.

Check out my video for AccesoTotal29.com, click CC for subtitles:

Remember to keep clean the city!

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