My long day, Sat August 9th…

Woke up at 6am to drive from Miami to Atlanta. Around 7am we were on the road, and I couldn’t drive as I do (80-85MPH 🙂 shh!) because a weekend ago I’ve got my 1st ticket, 15 mph over the limit and everytime I hit 75 my parents at the back seat went crazy… lol but I’m a good driver. I love to drive!

Half way, already bored. It’s all straight, keeping the same speed, trees, farms…. that’s all I saw.
By 8pm we arrived at Atlanta, Georgia! But we didn’t make reservation whatsoever. We took a look at 3 different hotels and decided to stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn. Of course, Hilton means nice service. Good price for a great place, in this case. Indoor pool, jacuzzi, bar, free Internet, parking lot and what I loved the most free cookies and coffee at the lobby … One thing I love about traveling with family… nice place to stay.
1st day we went to the Downtown.
Our 1st visit in downtown: the Aquarium. I think if you buy the ticket over the Internet, it’s cheaper. And I believe that it’s better to go by the afternoon since there are less people, specially if it’s a Sunday as we went. The line was long that morning to get in! But it’s a MUST see while in Atlanta.
Then we walked to CNN, strolling the Centennial Olympic Park first. Every 30 minutes or so, there is a tour for an hour inside the CNN studios and you get to ride the longest and highest escalator that will take you up in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It was fun and you get to know more about the most famous news network in the world. And it’s part of what I do, so it’s like Disney World for me.

Our 2nd day… back in history!

We went to the Historic Center of Rv. Martin Luther King Jr. AWESOME! A place you can’t skip while in Atlanta. Is free to enter, donations are welcome! So keep it clean and take care of it during your visit. First, there was an expo about his life with pictures, videos, documents, objects and more. Although it was a temporary area, but perhaps they have different expositions other times. Then, we walked to a firefighter department by the well known Auburn Av. where MLK was born and grew up. From there we went with a guide – who actually met the King family and march for equals human rights – to MLK’s house.

The house is totally original! Naturally, there are few things for security reasons that are updated. 2 floors, 6 bedrooms, back yard and loads of history to hear. It was amazing to be there.
From there, we drove back to Florida. We slept in Orlando on the way back and around 7pm, next day, we were back in Miami! Zzzz
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