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Not everything is about traveling, but everything I do, I do it with passion. From photography, writing, video production and editing, social media management and hospitality.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production in 2008. Once I finished it, I started producing and editing videos about my traveling experiences around the world (or desperately trying to make it around the world). At the same time, I started to learn about Social Media Management when it was only Facebook and Twitter, and started to grow with all the others media through the years. I’ve working with my own projects plus small businesses from Venezuela, Spain and Florida.

After spending a significant amount of time traveling, non-stop from 2008 until 2016, learning about other cultures, meeting amazing people in different countries, I decided to go back to Florida to get a MBA with a Hospitality concentration. I still enjoy and love traveling, of course, just not for long periods as I used to. Perhaps a week or two, a lot of weekends and I do try to explore a lot around Florida.

Here’s my updated resume with more details about my projects and jobs:

I’m originally from Venezuela, so I am fluent in Spanish (being my 1st language) and English after living in Florida for more than 20 years. I’m not fluent (yet) in Portuguese, but I can communicate easily with anyone in the language thanks to my Spanish, friends and family from Brazil, I lived in Brazil for 2 months and I visit often. I also studied French for almost 3 months while in Paris, not as good as my Portuguese but I love the language. Also, because Spanish and Italian are structurally similar, I can make my way around Italy and have conversations with locals. For example, in Summer 2018 I spent a week in Rome and I will never forget talking with a taxi driver, she spoke to me in Italian and I spoke to her in Spanish and we were having a nice conversation. I love languages, so I will always try to learn few words or basic sentences that can help me around with locals in their country.

I also love writing a lot, as a teenager and in my 20s I used to write many stories, and I always had in my head that I wanted to write a book. I am currently writing a book about 2 of my greatest travel experiences, hopefully I’ll be publishing it soon. I also worked for a while in a newspaper and a magazine in Venezuela writing about movies, plus all the years I’ve been writing and collaborating with travel blogs in both English and Spanish.

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