I love love love love this city! So beautiful and people were really nice, at all time! Now you can enjoy AT29’s video of Charleston đź™‚

After my day in Atlanta, I drove to Charleston, South Carolina!


Had breakfast in the morning and then I started my trip to Charleston, taking some breaks at various points being one of them ‘South Carolina Welcome Center’. I love stopping at those centers, you get to grab a map, use restrooms, maybe get some snacks, some coupons for hotels or tours or activities. I usually ask the people working there for suggestions. Since I was staying for one whole day, the lady recommend me to visit a plantation. It was a must! But I already knew I was going to one… and I knew which one I was going to visit without a doubt.


Woke up very early so I could see lot of things and meet lot of places. My first visit was to a plantation. I have to say, I was so happy because I was going to see some of the location where one of my favorite movies was filmed, The Notebook. I couldn’t skip Boone Hall Plantation.

2014-11-26 10.52.48

It was really beautiful! I mean, not just because it used to be Allie’s summer home, but it was lovely. Naturally, some of its history I didn’t like.. with those super small places they used to have for slaves… so awful and sad, but that’s history! Right there to remember us to never do it again!


The house itself is gorgeous. All the decoration inside takes you back in time. The little details as the area where they used to place the horses or the carriage, a high level so it was easier for them to walk into the house, while in the movie we see stairs (I can easily remember Allie running to the entrance of her home after curfew). Sometimes I wish I could act at a movie based on 50+ years ago (or at least as extra lol) or go back to that time, love it.


Oh, and while you are driving inside the plantation, all the oak trees makes a perfect natural tunnel with the house at the end. Definitely, if not this one, you should visit a plantation while in Charleston. I don’t know which one is the best one, but I’m sure each one has its own beauty.


From the Boone Hall Plantation, I drove back to downtown Charleston. Another point I saw, although I just stopped in front of it to take pictures, it was the theater where Allie and Noah went to the movies, before dancing in the middle of the street. The American Theater. I really love that movie 🙂


After driving for a while, I just parked the car and started to walk every where. I mean, what’s the best way to see a city 🙂

2014-11-26 13.15.29

Strolling by those streets makes you feel back in 1920s or something like that. Those gorgeous big houses, with huge trees, high ceiling… Plus it was Fall, one of my favorite season that I barely get to see in South Florida or in Venezuela, with all the yellow leaves on sidewalks and roads and a perfect weather I love.


One of the places I also visited was the market, the Charleston City Market. It takes about 4 blocks and it was built in 1841. You’ll find lot of handcrafts, souvenirs, sweets, candles… everything. Toured around, browsed few things and bought a box of cookies (red velvet), only because I love cookies… and well, the box was beautiful and I though it’ll be a nice thing to bring home. Love those kind of metal boxes because they are decorative and I can organize things on them. I also got one for my parents, different image.


In the historic downtown I went to another house. Although it wasn’t as I thought, it only represented a tiny part of The Notebook (yes, again talking about this 🙂 ), but it was nice to see the inside of one of those huge and beautiful residences. The Calhoun Mansion has everything, literally everything.


We cannot take pictures inside, but if you visit, it is the interior of Allie’s home. Someone actually lives there, and has a huge collection of antiques of everything and from everywhere. It kind of freaked me out a bit, too many things. Not good for my eyes.


The outside, the garden and fountain are beautiful. There are many houses where you can go on a tour to see the inside, just check their schedules to make sure they are working on the day of your visit.


After lunch, actually it was an early dinner, I walked few more blocks to get to the Waterfront Park.


Steps away, with the sunset getting closer, I reached the pier. Perfect way to finish a day in an amazing city.


Here’s the video from this gorgeous city (CC for subtitles):

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