Kayaking at Wekiwa

I spend a lot of time in Central Florida, not only visiting family and friends, but falling in love with so many beautiful places near the city. As I always say, Orlando is more than theme parks. There’s much more to see and enjoy with family, friends or by yourself.

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Few days ago I went to Wekiwa Springs State Park. It’s located in the city of Apopka, few minutes away from Downtown Orlando.


The park offers a lot of activities, including camping, biking, hiking and kayaking. I saw lot of trails for hiking and my feet wanted to explore, but we went kayaking instead. We were just visiting without any plans, reason why I felt so bad for not taking my bathing suit to enjoy (even better) the sunny day.


Our first stop, before kayaking, was at the crystal clear Wekiwa Springs. It looked so refreshing that for a second I was thinking about swimming with clothes… but I didn’t. 


The weather was perfect, it’s been raining for days and weeks non-stop. Summer in Florida is usually with rain. And that day was sunny and really hot.

We rented a kayak, individuals. I went with my brother and he just didn’t trust me 🙂 Last time I did something like this, I was 12 years old or so. When I was super active with lots of water sports. Long time ago…


We started to row through the Wekiva River, which it was beautiful and a great experience. We actually passed by an area I have to visit at some point, with a bar, people swimming in the river and great ambience. I found out later that its name is Wekiva Island. Need to visit it soon! (I couldn’t take pics this time)


We went kayaking for 2 hours, stopping every other time to enjoy the nature as its best. Gorgeous. Of course, lot’s of sun protection and water on the way. I heard on the way to the rentals that there were some alligators around, but I couldn’t see any.

Beautiful area to visit if you are in Orlando or areas nearby.

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