Aw… Another of my favorite cities to have fun…

I’ve been to London 3 times, and 2 of those, I was just passing by, which made me run around the city so I can see everything I wanted to see… Or wanted to see again. The good thing, it never rains while I’m in town 🙂

Last time, however, only one thing changed, I was visiting London with my tired parents that have been walking and doing lots of things, because of me, for 20 days and we only had less than a day to see everything we could. Sorry mom and dad!

National Gallery

Going around…

First, I believe it is my obligated stop, Westminster. For some reason I always start from there. We took the metro to get to this area where the most famous structures are located. The first thing you notice when getting out of the underground, the tallest ferris wheel in Europe, the London Eye on the River Thames. Although, I still believe it doesn’t fit in the area because of the very antique buildings surrounding it, just like the Louvre’s pyramid in Paris, I think it’s a great way to see London from a highest point. If you’re not afraid of heights, get in with your camera!

We crossed the bridge to take a closer look at the London Eye and the Aquarium located next to it. I’ve only ride the wheel the first time I visited London and I thought it has a very nice view and somehow relaxing. We crossed the street to go back closer to the other famous building, that even when its name was recently changed to Elizabeth Tower, I believe it will always be known as Big Ben. Gorgeous tower clock next to the Houses of Parliaments in front of the river and facing the London Eye. Impossible to miss!


We kept walking until we reached Westminster Abbey. A church located in the City of Westminster, London, that you might recognize, besides many movies and even in a episode of Friends, but this is where Prince William and Kate got married.

Only minutes away, maybe 10 minutes, we strolled by Birdcage Walk, having a nice view to our right at St. James’s Park, we arrived at the Buckingham Palace. However, we got there by the ‘Changing of the Guard’ time… Which made it impossible to walk around or at least to get closer to the Palace for pictures. We walked back to where we were to take the metro again and go to Piccadilly.

I like walking around Piccadilly because it’s where most of the theater are located, and perfect area for a one day trip. Although, it’s very very touristic! You can find lots of pubs, cafes, restaurants and stores. And I actually got a little lost my 2nd time, so I just entered a pub to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi… and a beer. By the way, if I go by myself to a bar in Venezuela or even in Florida, it will be so weird – at least for me – I wouldn’t be comfortable. It was all fine by me to do so in London!


Hop-on Hop-off

After lunch, we went to Trafalgar Square, only few minutes away from Piccadilly and where you’ll find the National Gallery. We stayed for few minutes at this square, taking pictures and relaxing. My parents were very very tired, and I wanted to see many things so we can have a nice video for AT29. I suggested to take the famous topless ‘hop-on hop-off’ bus. Great option if visiting for one day or just want to take a look at everything before going to specific sights. Plus, you get to ‘hop off’ at those spots you want to see!

Trafalgar Square

They have various busses that take you around the city, different routes. It takes about 2 hours to make the whole tour, with commentaries in many languages and without getting off. Unless, of course, you want to visit all the attractions as I’ve done it other times by metro or walking.

Tower Bridge

On the ride, a little bit chilly on the topless floor, we’ve got to enjoy a nice view of London in few hours. We passed by 4 or 6 bridges including the London Bridge, from where you get to see the well known Tower Bridge on the other side, and later passing by it. We also saw Tower of London, which it was a prison a long time ago and now houses history and even Royal jewelry. Amazing place to visit!

I think this ride is perfect for those who, like me, only have few hours to see the city. The commentaries will tell you a lot of tips, important information and interesting facts like the Australia House was used as the bank in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, all the banks from around the globe are located in one area and about the symbol of the city, a dragon.

By 7pm we were already dead, yes, I became part of them -parents-, we went back to the hotel and have dinner at a pub… I needed to have fish and chips before I left! 🙂

Remember to watch AT29’s episode about London!

Keep the city clean!

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