Granada time! I could feel hotter weather than Sevilla, but all I can say was “let’s enjoy day and a half!”

A walk in Granada

We couldn’t do much the first day, since we arrived around 3pm. We had lunch at a small restaurant by Navas Street where the hotel is located together with many bars and cafes. All of it, were already calling me for the night.

We walked to Bibarrambla square. More restaurants and cafes by this square and very close to the Cathedral. From there, we went to the Alcaiceria, an alley where there are lot of stores with handcrafts, and typical things to get as souvenir.

Since we were few steps away, we decided to visit the Cathedral. You have to pay to enter, but it’s worthy! I think it’s a must see in Granada. Well, one of the ‘most see’ in this city. Beautiful, big and interesting.

We kept strolling the narrow streets close to the Cathedral until we reached Navas Street, back to the hotel.

Although I wanted to stay by the street to have tapas and sangria, we visited the Albaicin neighborhood. Just before sunset, we arrived at a restaurant by Mirador San Nicolas, to enjoy the reds, blues, oranges and even pinks in the sky and the wonderful view of the Alhambra. Amazing spot to end a relaxing afternoon.

More walking and Alhambra

After breakfast, we took a taxi to visit Monasterio de la Cartuja or also call La Cartuja de Granada. I thought it was going to be beautiful including the view from there… I was wrong. It’s a nice place to visit maybe if you already saw everything in Granada and rather do something instead of taking a nap. Not big deal in my opinion.

Later, we went to Cuevas de Sacromonte, where you have to climb few steps to get to the caves. Not big deal either, however something different to do and with prettier view than La Cartuja. Plus, you get to see more of the Alhambra.

From there, I walked down the hill until I reached Carrera del Darro which offers you lots of cafes and bars next to the river and the beautiful view of Alhambra. I believe you can see the Alhambra and Generalife from any point in this area.

I kept walking, passing by more stores, squares and a fountain telling me I was getting closer to the hotel, because at some point I had no idea where I was. I was just enjoying the view, ambience and my stroll.

After having a fast lunch, we took a taxi to take us to, finally, the Alhambra and Generalife. I had passes waiting for me, thanks to Acceso Total 29, and a long walk for hours to enjoy every corner, every detail of the area.

Everything took my breath away… Literally, because I walked a lot under the sun and hot weather. My recommendation, comfortables shoes at all times, sun blocker and lot of water, even when you can find stores and bars selling water and even beers… And batteries for cameras because I almost ran out of it before I finish the tour… But I capture everything I could.

When visiting the Alhambra and Generalife, try buying the tickets online, because the long lines to get them can take part of your day. Plus, it’s faster and very simple. You need to schedule a time for your visit, since some of the areas, you will get an specific time to enter. And most important, take your time to enjoy every detail, to capture, not only with you camera, but with your eyes every corner, every tile, every fountain, statue, garden… This place is as gorgeous as interesting and even relaxing!

The place is really amazing, I loved it. The architecture, the gardens, the view to the city, the fountains and statues… Even when I got dead to the hotel, I’d do it again… Maybe during winter so I can see snow on top of the mountain, Sierra Nevada.

At night, after a long shower, we just went to Navas Street to enjoy few tapas and sangria… As usually.

If you would like to see AT29’s video about Granada, just click here!

Remember to keep the city as clean as possible! It’s your planet after all 🙂

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