I guess this time jet lag and procrastination won.

When I booked my trip from Miami to Cape Verde, the easiest way was with TAP and layover in Lisbon.

I already visited this city in 2013, beautiful and lot of interesting places to see. So I thought, I’ll be dead to take my 12 hours to walk around Lisbon plus, there must be lot of stores in the airport.

Yes, I am dead. I’m so tired right now, various days not having a long night sleep and I never get to sleep during a flight (tried lot of things, nothing)

However, I regret of not going for a walk in the city. The airport is very close and I’m sure that just going for a nice lunch somewhere in Lisbon it was going to be a better idea than staying in the airport. Oh well… Too late.

I believe that there are 2 different areas in the airport. I got the smaller one with 2-3 stores and not so many options to sit for a meal.

The good thing, not a lot of people traveling now, so most of the times is almost empty and quiet to take a nap or two. Also there will be a lot of outlets for you to charge your phone or laptop. Even by the sitting area in the ‘restaurant’ they have outlets.

I took the time for some writing (like this one), work and some people watching (lol why not?). Next time I might go to a hotel since I’m staying over night. Well, maybe… I might have a nice sleep alone in the airport.

I wasn’t prepared for the weather either. Saw lot of people with coats and sweater and since I was coming from Miami and going to Cape Verde I was almost ready for the beach.

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