The easiest, faster and cheaper option I had from Florida to Cape Verde was Miami-Lisbon-Praia. Flying with TAP. However, I have to stay in Lisbon for about 12 hours before the next flight, from Miami, and I will again from Praia and from Madrid.


When I was coming from Miami, because I can never sleep during a flight, I was super dead to go for a stroll around Lisbon. On my way back I’m sure I’ll do it.

If you are traveling to Cape Verde, make sure you don’t need a visa before arriving. As a Venezuelan I can get the visa once I get to the airport. I believe that for most Europeans will be the same (since most of the people in my flight were Europeans), not sure about other nationalities.

The airport is small, once inside, look for the line to get a visa. There’s just one and it might be very long. It took me about 20 minutes to go through. They just need your passport and €25 in cash, so be ready to have it with you. That part was very fast, in minutes you’ll have a visa to enter in Cape Verde and can stay (at least me) for 30 days.

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Outside, you’ll see a lot of people that will ask you (in Portuguese) to help you with your luggages. Basically they just want money in exchange of helping you with your luggages. I didn’t have any ‘escudos’ with me (local money) and I was telling them ‘não, obrigada’ (no thanks) but when I reached my taxi, some other man helped with the luggages (I was bringing an extra for my sister-in-law) without asking me and then started requesting for money ‘Eu não tenho dinheiro’ (I don’t have money), he was very persistent until I said the same thing with stronger voice (maybe haha) and he left. I seriously didn’t have any escudo with me (my sister-in-law was waiting for me with money to pay the taxi) and I never asked him to help me. Of course, in countries like this one, it is the same in my Venezuela, they want to do whatever it takes to earn some cash for them or their family, if you want I think it is okay to help them (why not?).

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