It is impossible to tire of Spain where you can find so many spectacular places like Palma de Mallorca. (Leer esto en español)

Being in Madrid for a couple of months, I tried to visit different places from time to time. I was staying with my childhood friend Paty and one weekend we found good ticket prices to Mallorca and we left! I really thought the trip was super fast.

with Paty

We walk around the historic center that is beautiful with so many points to visit. We tried some typical things like “Ensaïmada” (photo below) and the typical tapas of course. We really enjoyed it very much.

Beautiful landscapes, beaches that I would have loved to immerse myself in (but it was very cold for this Caribbean) and an excellent walk that would not bother me to repeat.

Here is a video of this trip to the capital of the Balearic Islands: Palma de Mallorca. (click CC for subtitles in English)

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