Perhaps with a little samba, eating delicious brigadeiros or pão de queijo (although the latter is not originally from this state, it’s from Minas Gerais but still among my favorites in Brazil), I went around this great metropolis.

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Me encantó esta esquina 🙂

São Paulo is the capital of the state that bears the same name. Normally when I go to Brazil, I usually go to another city in this state, but I always try to go around this city, even if it’s just for 1 day. It is huge and has many activities to do and places to visit. On my 1st visit, I wasn’t making videos as I do now, but I got to see a little more in the city center and other areas that I don’t remember that well.

Catedral da Sé de São Paulo

On my last trip, I stayed 2 nights before continuing to another city. One of the nights, we drove by 2 streets where you will find several bars and restaurants. Many good options to enjoy in Rua Augusta and Rua Aspicuelta, different neighborhoods.

During my 1st visit (2002), something that caught my attention so much that I had to take a photo, was the public telephones known as Orelhão.

São Paulo is truly an excellent city to visit. Obviously, do not hesitate to go a steakhouse and visit parks like Ibirapuera.

Here is the video about the last trip, mostly, although it has some slightly older images. I hope you enjoy it! (CC for subtitles)

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