Aw! One of my favorite places to go for a walk while in Rome is Piazza Navona. It is so beautiful!

Let me tell you why … this square not only offers some restaurants, cafes and bars around, but it also has a very interesting history. (Leer esto en español)

Navona Square was built in the 1st century and its function was for sports competitions and even chariot races. Can you imagine car racing today in that square? No, let’s leave it pretty as it is to enjoy it with a coffee or even a gelato.

Sant’Agnese in Agone

Today we can enjoy the cafes, 3 beautiful fountains and gorgeous buildings. Each of the fountains is a work of art. The middle one, the most important one, is called “Fountain of the Four Rivers” (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) as it represents 4 important rivers of each continent when it was built (1648-1651): Nile (Africa), Ganges (Asia), Danube (Europe) and Río de la Plata (America).

Here’s a 360º video of us walking through a part of Piazza Navona. (Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be 1st to see future videos!)

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