This was our 2nd stop in Greece during our summer 2018 Mediterranean cruise. After reading so many travel blogs and different info about this port, we decided to skip visiting Olympia which I believe this is the main reason why the cruises stop there. I mean, Olympia was the host of the 1st ever Olympic Games. But this is something I would love to do with my mom at some point (1st reason I wanted to skip it), hoping to visit Greece with her to visit all those historic sites since she is in love with that as well (she was a professor in high school teaching all that!)

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Another reason was, after seeing so many pics of the beaches nearby and the little town, I though it was going to be interesting to do that instead.


So what did we do? We booked an excursion from the cruise to visit the beach for the day, taking advantage that we had a great discount for it. We had an AMAZING day in Katakolo.

We visited Kourouta beach and WOW. Gorgeous place to visit. It’s a bit far from the port but it was so worth it.

The beach is breathtaking, super calm water (still cold for me lol), and there are many restaurants right there on the beach and stores. So perfect if you want to spend a whole day in the area. I also noticed many inns and hotels around there, good option if not visiting on a cruise.

Kourouta beach

Obviously, on a cruise and on one of their excursions, everything is controlled by the time… so we enjoyed as much as we could the beach before heading back to the little town by the port.

I really loved the stroll around Katakolo. It’s a cute little town, colorful and peaceful. Lots of stores with local products (I got me lot of things made with olive oil, love it).

We strolled around, browsed a lot, did some shopping, and by the end of the day, we savor a delicious meal in front of the sea… with a local beer of course :).

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