On my last 2 visits to New York, August 2017 and then in April 2019, I visited the High Line, located to the west of Manhattan in the Chelsea neighborhood. (Lee en español aquí)

This is a great place to go for a walk, to take in the views, revel at the architecture of the buildings around you, and immerse yourself in the art with many exhibits you might find at the place.

This is an elevated park that was built on an abandoned railroad. You have about 1.45-mile to walk and explore the area. In the following map, you can see the whole thing (at least until July 2019 when I’m writing this) if you want to do the whole thing.

The park opened its doors in 2009.

On my last visit, April 2019, I got to see one of the exhibitions that I found it was very interesting. I believe this one (following photo) “En Plein Air” is until April 2020. So if visiting soon, check out High Line web site to see what’s going on during the time you are in New York.

See more photos from High Line here.

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