Within an hour or so from Walt Disney World, you can get to Cape Canaveral or Cocoa Beach area. Para leer este artículo en español aquí. Cocoa Beach is well known for surfing. Cape Canaveral is known for the cruise port and obviously the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC).
If you want to visit this area and the KSC I recommend you to plan for a full day. If you have a car while in Orlando, take your time not only to explore the space center but also (perhaps) Cocoa Beach. Although many people can spend a whole day at KSC. Note: Remember that now with the new Covid-19 standards, this experience may be different from the one I wrote in February before the pandemic. (original was for TodoSobreDisney). Currently (June 2020) you have to use a mask and your temperature will be taken when entering. Read their guidelines here.
On the official KSC web site you can buy the tickets to save a little time when you arrive at the place (especially if you plan to visit since its opening). I think, if you are like me that gets your attention to visit the place but not a super fan of ships, space and NASA things, getting the normal ticket without the extras is good enough.
The regular ticket includes many activities to enjoy:
  • The Space Shuttle Atlantis ®
  • Shuttle Launch Experience ®
  • Heroes and Legends feature the US astronaut hall of fame ® presented by Boeing ®
  • Kennedy Space Center Tour Bus with Apollo / Saturn V
  • Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted
  • Astronaut meeting
  • IMAX ® Theater Films 3D
  • Rocket launch display (when available)
  • Numerous shows and exhibitions
Upon arrival, the first thing you see is the ‘Rocket Garden’.
Once inside, my first stop was the “Space Shuttle Atlantis” where they surprise you first with an excellent video presentation and then when the doors open you see the incredible “Space Shuttle Atlantis” very close to you. Discover interesting information about this ship, its trips, and you can even experience and feel a flight. Have you been on Epcot to Mission: SPACE? This one is a little stronger than Epcot’s.
Here is a 360º video of the area where Atlantis is located. (remember that you can move the image as you like). There is also a bus ride to places that are not easily accessible. The “KSC Bus Tour” is another attraction that includes your normal ticket and that you should not miss.
The place also includes several shops and places to eat. The food is decent, but if you plan to walk around Cocoa Beach too, I would recommend waiting and eating perhaps at the Pier in Cocoa Beach or one of the restaurants near the famous Ron Jon Surf shop where you can find better dishes (not only hamburgers or hot dogs) and I find it more enjoyable. (Ex: Captain J’s Restaurant or Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier Restaurant).
Original article was posted on my other site: TodoSobreDisney
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