I continue touring around Europe, and on this new post, I invite you to Pedraza, Spain. This small town has a beautiful castle, several squares, pretty streets and a rich culture.

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From Madrid, I would say that it is an excellent day trip. It’s about 127 km by car (1 hour and a half approx.). Or you can get to Segovia first by train (which is also beautiful) and then get to Pedraza by bus (about 30min).

If you decide to visit it, I suggest you travel in the first half of September, during the festivities in honor of the Virgin of Carrascal. And you cannot forget to try its exquisite cuisine, which includes the famous roast lamb, suckling pig and Segovian punch.

Note: The video says that the Puerta de la Villa was built in the 6th century when in fact it was built in the 11th century.

Click CC for subtitles in English:

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