Even when we had to wake up at 4am in Lima so we can take a plane to go to Cusco, I couldn’t wait any longer to visit that amazing area in Peru.

At Sacsayhuaman

Through the window in the plane, I could see the variation of weather just by looking at the mountains. As we were getting closer to Cusco, the top of the mountain were whiter. My favorite weather was getting closer to me. I usually say I’m a beach girl, I love the ocean and being close to the beach, but I also love cold weather. I feel great with cold weather, but I think I like it the most because I love dressing with coats, boots, leggings… maybe because I don’t get to wear them that often. I don’t know…

Enjoying coca tea, perfect to deal with altitud

Our hotel was only few steps away from Plaza de Armas. When we arrived, because the elevation is around 3,400 m (11,200 ft), we were offered at the lobby to have coca tea. It was funny and weird for us to have coca, although it is very natural to have it, not as a drug at all. And even funnier when they gave us our room number: 420. I think it was the best welcome we have received in any hotel… Well, maybe having cava as we arrived to our hotel in Barcelona, Spain, still beats this one. But for the cold weather, and my dad actually was with a headache caused by the elevation, coca tea was the best option we could have. I believe that at any hotel you could have coca and it was my drink every time I could while I was visiting Cusco and later Sacred Valley. Because of the elevation, especially coming from Lima, it is recommendable to sleep an hour (at least) and take it easy the first day in town. By the way, I also tried coca leaves covered with chocolate (didn’t like it) and coca candy (loved it).

Plaza de Armas

When we woke up, we walked to the main square, Plaza de Armas. This is where you can find the Cathedral, restaurants, stores and even a Starbucks and an Irish pub. The square is beautiful. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and capturing everything on video. Everywhere you look, there’s something amazing to see. Even in front of the hotel, there were 3 kids dressed with typical quechua clothes, a llama and an alpaca, ready for a picture. So, if you want a picture, have some cash with you. I think I wanted to take a picture with every kid and every llama or alpaca I saw.

Our first visit was to one of the archeological parks in Cusco. Sacsayhuaman was the first ruins we went. It was amazing to see those huge rocks, one on top of the other, and thinking when the quechuas, long time ago, built those walls, 3 levels without the advance equipment we have nowadays.


Even when I love going to places by myself, if you can, take a tour guide to visit that area because they can explain to you a lot of amazing things you wouldnít know any other way.

And, as I usually recommend, even when it’s cold outside, nice cold, the sun is strong! So wear sun protection.

We also visited Tambomachay which it’s 3765 meters over the sea level, and it is known as well as Baño del Inka (Bath of the Inka).

After walking through many amazing ruins with beautiful scenery, we went back to downtown to visit the Cathedral. A gorgeous and interesting place to see! It was time for the rain to come with us. It is very typical in this region in Peru. The weather can go from cold, to sunny, to raining in minutes.

From the Cathedral, we went to the Coricancha Temple. Which, it is the home of Convent of Santo Domingo as well.

By night, even though Cusco is a small town, you can enjoy various activities. We went to a restaurant where, besides a delicious dinner, typical music and dance was part of our night. There are also many bars in town or just relax by the main square while talking with friends or locals.

Here’s my video showing more about this incredible town you must have it on your bucket list. Click CC for subtitles in English:

Keep clean the city!

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