Before going to Spain, my friend Paty told me she was having a party in Copenhagen and if I wanted to go. Of course, who is going to say no to a party in a city I haven’t been before!

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On Friday 13th… we flew to Denmark!

Before leaving Florida, I wanted to get few stuff because it was a theme party, a Hawaiian party in Copenhagen (50F/10C average during my visit). That’ll be interesting.

2015-11-13 20.24.42
book about Copenhagen, but with locals I never used it 🙂 -train ticket-

We arrived at the airport and got tickets for the train to take us to where we were going to stay for the weekend. At a friend’s place, we were 7 people flying from Madrid. It was 60DKK (Danish Krone) each of us, first stop at Central Station. And then, Albertstund, final stop. We arrived with some rain and wind… Not fun for this Caribbean girl 🙂 but love cold weather. We had dinner, some talking and then time to sleep.

One of the things I loved about arriving in Denmark, it is a tradition that locals receive you with flags! I thought it was really nice to see all the flags.

2015-11-15 18.14.03

Following morning, after breakfast, we took the train back to the center of the city.

2015-11-15 11.57.52
2015-11-15 12.14.07

Another thing I was very impressed, even though it kind of reminded me of Amsterdam, how many bikes I saw everywhere. Even in the train they have a specific place for the bikes. Loved it.

Bikes outside a train station

Our 1st stop was at an old fortress which it was a gorgeous area! ‘Kastellet’ was perfect to begin falling in love with this city. All green with a bit of yellows and browns thanks to Fall, lots of path, a mill, canals with ducks… amazing!


That route took us to the famous Little Mermaid, which it was to honor the local writer Hans Christian Andersen. A small monument by the shores with a great audience looking at her and trying to take a picture as close as they could.


I just stood on a side and took my selfie.

2015-11-14 13.00.07

Even when it’s one of the most visited sights in the country, for me, it was just a small statue. I think I liked better the whole ‘Kastellet’ area. Of course, super important because of the author that made lot of nice stories for our childhood. And I guess it’s a must on a 1st visit.


Our stroll was beside the canal, looking at the Opera House on the other side.


We reached the Royal Palace, Amalienborg. The square is gorgeous, although they were working around that area, but still saw guards and the beautiful buildings.


I actually thought the guards were really nice! Even the guards are nice in Denmark. Usually they don’t talk and stay serious at all times. But some people were asking them for pictures and they stood on a side, obviously, you can’t get closer, but at least I think it’s nice of them.


On the other side, a church, Frederik’s Church.


It was about 2pm and it looked like 5pm. Sun light was going away really fast.

We kept walking faster, so we could enjoy our next stop with sun light, to the famous area of Nyhavn.


There are so many cafes and restaurant in front of the canal, super touristic of course, but I guess you can try any of those. Perhaps just a drink. Because of the time, almost 4pm, we couldn’t find a place to eat, fast and cheap, so we ended up getting some hot dogs.


And then, we wanted some coffee (a long night was waiting for us) and pastries, so we visited ‘Vedels Konditori & Bageri’ and it was delicious!! If you want to try some Danish pastries, I recommend you this one close to Nyhavn.


It was dark already by 4pm, so we walked to the shopping area. It was time to go for a stroll by Strøget, a pedestrian road with shops, restaurants and more. And by the way, talking about friendly people, my friend and I were a bit lost trying to find a store, we were looking at a map, and of course, more confused reading the signs and a girl saw us and started to help us without a doubt. Usually, in other cities, lost people are the one talking to someone, asking for directions, she just came closer and asked us if we needed help. 🙂

2015-11-14 16.18.27

Since it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (yes, you can sing it)… We visited a Christmas Market which it was super nice but crowded. So many beautiful and delicious things. I got, of course, few Christmas tree decoration for me and my mom. Made in Denmark of course.

2015-11-14 16.41.36
2015-11-14 16.51.32

I was also happy that even for a small cup of coffee or for that Gløgg (really good by the way!) drink I tried while in Nyhavn (warm red wine with almonds, cinnamon and other spices), I could pay with my credit card. So much easier, especially for a weekend, not having to change Euros/Dollars to Krones!

2015-11-16 00.45.30

On the way to the Central Station, we walked in front of Tivoli Gardens, which it looked so beautiful with all the lights and restaurants surrounding it. We wanted to visit it but we had a party waiting for us in few hours and we had to get ready.

2015-11-14 17.55.54

It was fun to arrived at the house with coats and all, and once inside the house, changing for the hawaiian party.

2015-11-14 20.35.13

Such a fun time! Met many locals, telling me about their traditions and even making me try (I was going to try it anyway) their famous fish, Herring. I love seafood, of course, it’s in my blood, grew up super close to the beach, and they told me that I might like it or hate it. I tried 2 different styles, both with rye bread (also typical) and like them! Fun night to remember.

2015-11-14 23.35.30

In the morning we were going to visit Tivoli and Christiania, but since we all went to bed after 4am, hangover and after breakfast by 12pm, we traveled back to the center of the city. Only this time everyone wanted to go to Christiania instead of Tivoli. I wanted to go to both places and even more sights if possible, but since you cannot take pictures or make videos in Christiania, and for some reason I felt more attracted to the  park, I went with Paty to see one of the oldest amusement park of the world. And I loved it! Although, I’d love to go back and see more including Christiania.


(Read my post about Tivoli Gardens)

After walking around the park, I visited the author of The Little Mermaid, Ice Queen, among other fairy tales… Well, I visited the statue of Hans Christian Andersen.


We only had less than an hour to meet at the train station to go to the airport, so we just sat at a coffee shop (MAD – Modern American Diner) with coffee and a cheesecake while waiting for the rest of the group, before hitting the Central Station and say a ‘hope to see you soon’ to this super friendly and beautiful city.


Now, I have to decide which city I love the most (so many on my list!) 🙂 Would love to go back to this amazing city and see more of this country! Thanks so much to my new friends for making this an amazing trip! 🙂 Gracias! Tak!

Here’s a video I made about this awesome trip:

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