We invite you to this pleasant trip, getting to know Cologne, Germany, where every corner breathes history and tradition.

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Getting to know Cologne

It was a short trip since we were visiting Brussels and friends invited us to Cologne, we spent one night in the city and since we arrived we dedicated ourselves to exploring as much as we could to take advantage of the full day.

We started by visiting where they make the famous Agua de Cologne 4711, so the whole place smelled wonderful, I loved that they had like a fountain at the entrance but instead of normal water, it was the eau de cologne 4711.

Getting to know Cologne

Obviously we couldn’t skip trying the different local beers. I loved visiting some breweries where you simply have to say how many beers to bring to your group and that was it, they made a small line on a piece of paper and if someone ordered a soda, instead of a small line, there were 2 lines. All very delicious and refreshing, perfect for summer.

We walked through much of the historic center, letting ourselves be enveloped by the medieval architecture and the vibrant energy that characterizes Cologne. And the Cathedral is incredible, do not hesitate to visit it inside and learn a little more about its history.

Another nice walk was across the famous Hohenzollern Bridge.

Enjoy an interesting trip through this European city, getting to know Cologne… (To enjoy this video with English subtitles, just click CC)

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