During a visit to Italy, before returning home, we decided to stay one day by the beach, close to the airport in Rome. We saw on the map: Lido di Ostia, about 18miles from the center of Rome, so we thought that could be a nice place to see.

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Porto Turistico di Roma

If you are looking for a beach town near Rome, this is a place that I recommend. We only stayed 1 night and we really wanted to extend our stay, but that included changing 2 flights to return to Florida. But it was good to see it at least for a day.

View from the hotel room

We stayed at Smy Aran Blu Roma Mare, right in front of the beach and few steps away from the Porto Turistico di Roma that offers some restaurants and shops.

A nice little bar we stopped on our way to Pontile di Ostia

We strolled the entire promenade that runs along the beach until we reached Pontile di Ostia, a pier where you can visit and enjoy the view of the beach.

After walking around the area for a while, we got hungry, so we visited restaurant Urbinati where we had an early dinner. Good dishes, very good service and excellent view.

For most of the beaches in the area, you have to pay cover fee. Most include a lounger / chair and umbrella. They also have bathrooms, showers and many with a restaurant and/or bar. There are also some beaches that are free to enter, like the one we visited right in front of the hotel.

Spiaggia libera Grigia

At the end of the afternoon, we enjoyed the sunset from the terrace of the hotel and then we visited “Porto Turistico di Roma” where we could see more people in the area having dinner or just for an afternoon walk.

If we had investigated a little more when we were booking the trip, we probably would had stayed for 1 more night as we found it to be a nice area and it didn’t seem crowded even though it was summer time (July).

Now, how to get there from Rome?

You can rent a car and drive to Lido di Ostia. By bus from Rome it can take 1 hour or so and you pay less than €10, the stop in Rome will be at the Piazza Venezia and arriving at Baleniere/Inps. The train doesn’t take you directly to Ostia, and you have to change from train to bus, it takes a little more than 1 hour and about €35. By taxi it could be around €55 and in 30 minutes you can be on the beach.

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