I am actually thinking about moving next year (2016) to Central Florida. Still undecided about the city, I’m thinking Clermont, Apopka or even go back to the Tampa Bay area. Not sure yet. I spend lot of time here because my brother loves going biking and kayaking and getting to see other places as I do. Specially if it’s outdoors, in touch with nature. Plus is cheaper than living in South Florida. I still love my South Florida 🙂

2015-10-07 12.13.44


It’s not like in South Florida I don’t have any place like that to visit. Of course I have the Everglades, which it’s huge, then a drive to the Florida Keys which I love doing every other time. The beach is super close to me, even when I don’t visit it that often as I used to when I was in college, but still love to have it close for an afternoon walk or a drive by. But lately, while in Central Florida, besides visiting all the theme parks of course, I’ve got to see so many beautiful places, few minutes away as Wekiwa Springs State Park, or biking in Lake Louisa State Park o by Lake Minneola… and other beautiful places… but I can tell you all about it later.

2015-10-07 13.47.16
Alexander Springs

Now, let’s talk about my recent short trip to Ocala National Forest.

Isn’t a gorgeous road?

My brother woke me up to go to an specific place, although, the only thing I knew was: Ocala.

He started to drive North and after an hour or so, I saw a sign: Ocala National Forest. Oh, okay. Cool. Another sign ‘bear crossing’ oh, even better! But naturally, it was the middle of the day, super hot, I doubted I was going to see a black bear around…


After driving around the area, we finally arrived to Fort Gates. I didn’t know he read about it and wanted to visit this area.


There’s an old ferry, working since 1863, making it the oldest working ferry in Florida. Which I though it will be amazing to cross the Saint Johns river on that. After few minutes waiting, I decided to call, to see if they knew there were 2 cars waiting.

2015-10-07 12.33.45
from my Snapchat: WandererYoss

Sometimes what it seems amazing doesn’t work out. The ferry was closed for the day because the river was too high to navigate. That wasn’t fun.


We just turned around and went to see Alexander Springs. Beautiful! Great area to relax for few minutes or hours, swim in that crystal clear and calm water. Can’t wait to go back… (writing this now, it’s really cold in Madrid)



Then, we just went back to Clermont. But, on the way, my brother tells me (almost yelling) ‘a bear!’ I was concentrated looking to the sides that I never thought there was going to be a black bear running from one side to the other, in front of us, few meters away, and so freaking cute! 🙂 Of course, I couldn’t get closer and it was so fast and little time 🙁

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