Let’s keep getting to know Dubrovnik and some points that I visited.

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Today, I want to take you to the Old Port or “City Harbor”. This place is gorgeous!! It has few restaurants in front of the marina, there are some vendors with handcrafts and you can even go on a boat tour to get to see islands nearby.

The ambience is really nice. Even when I was there by day, I’m sure that by night is also great.

Right there is the area know as Porporela, which it’s a little pier and breakwater. This was built in 19th Century to protect ships and boats. If feel like refreshing during Sumer time, right there you can jump in the water, we saw few people enjoying that area.

Here’s a 360º video from the Porporela in the City Harbor of Dubrovnik. (remember it’s a 360º video you can move the image around.)

You can also enjoy AT29’s video of Dubrovnik (click CC for English subtitles)

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