On a AT29 video, we took you to see all New Orleans (watch Here the video)

Para leer esto en español, Aquí

This time we stayed very close to the French Quarter and we just needed to cross Canal Street to get to Bourbon Street.

Let me tell you an interesting fact about Canal Street I learned. New Orleans was under the Spanish monarchy and then the French monarchy. Thanks to that, the city has lot of French influence with that local touch or better known as ‘creole’. When the city of New Orleans was bought, lots of people from cities as Kentucky started to moved in. Because both cultures were very different, they decided to create a canal dividing them, at the end, the canal wasn’t built but that big street was in it so they decided to named it Canal. This is were the tram passes by and you also get to find lots of restaurants and stores. Another fun fact, this is a street – not an avenue or a boulevard – even when it’s very wide.

A bit cold for me thanks to the Fall weather, but we still enjoyed the Christmas decor around town and the typical drink on the street a “hand grenade”.

Here’s a 360º video from Bourbon street. Click on CC for subtitles in English.

And, even when it’s not on Bourbon Street, but very close by, you need to visit the famous Cafe Du Monde where we had hot chocolate and the famous beignets.

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