Sometimes you just need a break, a day with your best friend… or maybe a weekend!


I travel a lot, I have many friends all over the world, and maybe they all make me travel even more so I can visit them :). When I’m in town where my family or friends live, I try to do everything possible to spend the best time with them.


Usually, I’m between Venezuela and Florida. While in South Florida,  my other home, where also one of my best friend lives, Monica, we try to hang out as much as we can. Even for a coffee break or lunch or party all night long. Before leaving Florida in March 2015, we decided to go to Tampa for the weekend. We actually met while in college in St. Petersburg (FL), where we used to go (a lot) to Busch Gardens in Tampa.


We left Miami around 7pm, of course the road trip was so much fun! We knew our weekend just started. Listening to 90s music, talking a lot, laughing and selfies of course. We arrived at the hotel and went straight to sleep. Long Friday and it was going to be a long (and super fun) Saturday as well.


It was such long time since last time we visited. Maybe since 2002?

We bought a Quick Queue, a pass that gets you faster to the ride, not having to make the whole line that might be 5minutes or an hour! I was thinking that maybe during lower season you won’t need that pass, it was low season but it was a weekend, and at one point SheiKra had about 60 minutes wait and Cheetah Hunt 40-50minutes. With that, we could even skip a ride we didn’t want to go (as a water ride since it was a bit cold) and enjoy twice the same one we loved. We actually rode about 4 times Cheetah Hunt. We loved it!



We rode almost every roller coaster. So much fun! Obviously the classics we used to when we were younger. Montu, Kumba and even Gwazi that we always hated it. We found out they were closing it the following day, so it was nice to say bye bye and no more headaches after it!



One of the things we did, maybe an hour after we arrived, to get coffee. So we went to Crown Colony Cafe. We grab our coffees and sat outside to enjoy the beautiful view with giraffes and even the train passing by.



For lunch, after some rides and animal watching, we visited Zambia Smokehouse and sat in front of SheiKra. We really enjoyed that lunch!



Obviously, we couldn’t ride anything after eating, but the train. It’s a nice attraction for the whole family. Relaxing and you get to see lots of animals on the way. Also it’s a good way to get to another area of the park without walking so much.




After few times on Cheetah Hunt, even enjoying the nice sunset from the ride, we were tired and went back to the hotel. Well, it was basically to have a shower and go out! We had such an amazing time and have so much fun! We have to do this every other time, maybe other places or other theme park. Next time, I think we should do ‘Drinks Around the World’ at Epcot 🙂


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