Another amazing day in Aruba!



For breakfast, as I mentioned on the 2nd day, I went back to ‘Salt and Pepper’. It was a delicious breakfast. I ordered an Arubian Breakfast that comes with eggs, bacon, croissant and some other very tasteful things that I can’t recall the names. And coffee. I always need coffee.



After my usual work out by the shore and pictures, I stayed for few hours at the beach. Of course, I was at an island, gorgeous beaches, I needed to relax and then go around town. (read day 1)





In the afternoon, I visited the Californian Lighthouse. There are a lot of tours that takes you there, but sometimes I hate taking tour and rather rent a car. I love driving. It’s not big deal but a nice point to see.





On the way there, I’ve got to see other breathtaking beaches. Various tones of blue almost blending with the perfect sky. Plus, a lot of wind surfers and kite surfers.



From there, all the way to downtown to have lunch. I noticed everything is closed on Sundays! At least they don’t open during the day. Saw the schedule of a lot of places that open at 5pm or later or remain closed. In downtown, I just drove around for some pictures and videos. Cute colorful old houses caught my eyes.


Another point to see, Alto Vista Chapel. A bit lost on the way there, not as easy as I thought, it was hard finding any sign telling me where to go. Finally I found someone to help, from a hotel, he tried to explain the easiest way, but not luck. However, the people in Aruba are so friendly, he was just finishing work and told us to follow him since he was going nearby.



Alto Vista Chapel is located on a hill, from there you can see various point in the island. Also, at that point, I feel like trying a ‘cocada’ at a ‘drink truck’. Local people that make various frozen drinks, sell coconuts and even piña coladas. Cocada is like a coconut smoothie in this case, it can also be a sweet snack to eat. This cocada was delicious! That’s one of my favorite drinks to have in the Venezuelan coast and this one is the best one so far.


While enjoying my delicious drink, no alcohol in it, I headed back to the hotel. Since I was with family, it’s always a bit difficult to see other things, every one wants to do or see different things than me. Now I’m actually thinking of going back to Aruba with friends or alone. But when I go alone, I want to visit as many Caribbean islands as I can until I get back to Florida. I think it’ll be a very interesting, fun and relaxing thing to do from Venezuela to Florida. From Aruba to Bahamas.

When I got back to my room, I started to pack my things, part of them, since we were leaving the following day in the morning. Before sunset, I went to grab one of my favorite drink to sit on the sand to enjoy my last sunset from that gorgeous island. Again… so relaxing! Even a dog came to sit next to me for few seconds. He was so cute, I think he was watching the sunset as well… and smelling what was left on my cup.





Because it was our last night, and my family eats a lot… of course I’m in that group as well, we decided to go to Hooters. Some beers, wings and talking while watching some game on the TV.

It really is ‘One Happy Island’, and I’ll be so happy to go back! Hopefully soon.


Remember to keep the city and beaches clean! Let’s protect our planet! And, if you haven’t, check out AT29’s site for travel videos!

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