Although we have already taken you to some of these destinations, today I am going to present my top 5 cities in the United States that I have visited.

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Large cities, north and south. It really wasn’t easy to do it and there are other cities that I don’t have enough videos, since I didn’t make as many videos as I do now, like San Francisco or Las Vegas. I hope soon to be able to return to those cities and see more places.

In 2020 I dedicated myself more to visiting cities and towns in the state of Florida, so soon I will take you to my 5 favorite places in this state.

From the capital of the country, to cities with a lot of energy to have fun to the fullest. With history and interesting spaces to know. Really, each of these cities needs a special video … but I’ll be working on that.

For now, here are my top 5 cities in the United States. What is your top 5? Tell us in the comments!

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