We continue our trip through Venezuela, exploring the richness of the Falcón state, a treasure in the Northwest of the country that offers a diversity of landscapes and experiences, from the Medanos de Coro to the historic city of Coro. In this fascinating region, we delve into the unique beauty of La Vela, a coastal jewel that dazzles with its beaches with crystal-clear waters and its calm beach atmosphere.

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Our tour took us to the city of Coro (main photo), a UNESCO World Heritage site. This colonial city captivated us with its unique architecture and cobblestone streets, transporting us through time as we admired its charming colonial houses and explored its historic squares.

Medanos de Coro to the historic city of Coro

Beyond the city, we venture into the impressive Medanos de Coro (the dunes), a landscape of golden dunes that extend infinitely. We experienced the thrill of sliding down these undulating dunes, enjoying the natural grandeur that constantly changes with the sunlight and wind.

Medanos de Coro to the historic city of Coro

Adicora, a paradise for wind and kitesurf lovers, welcomed us with its constant breezes and impressive scenery. Its long beaches and serene atmosphere are perfect for those seeking thrills in water sports or for those who simply want to relax in peaceful surroundings.

In this state there is also the Morrocoy National Park, which it’s the paradise, breathtaking, I tell you a bit about it on my other post here.

The Falcón state is truly a Venezuelan treasure, offering a combination of experiences, from the tranquility of its coasts to the majesty of its dunes.

Join us on this trip to discover the diversity of this unparalleled destination in Venezuela, from the Médanos de Coro, strolling along beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, to the historic city of Coro. (click CC for subtitles in English)

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