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Traditions for New Year’s Eve

We are about to say goodbye to good and fun 2017. Because I’m getting my MBA I don’t get to travel as often or for longer periods as before, but I still got to visit Aruba again and many gorgeous towns around Florida and Savannah in Georgia, and for the 1st time I visited: Curaçao, Grand Turk and Bahamas. So for me, it was fun, good and a bit stressful with my MBA lol… but oh well…

I don’t do them often and every country has different traditions, but I’ve done all of the followings when welcoming a new year.

One of my favorite, because I never finish on time, eating 12 grapes before midnight. One grape with the countdown to midnight, with each grape a wish. This is for the next 12 months to be filled with good luck. For me it’s impossible to finish them all… either I eat too slow or I cannot think of many wishes lol

I think I’ve done this once, after midnight, you have to get a luggage and walk outside the house. This of course to travel more the following year.

Underwear of course it’s important. Red means you are looking for love next year, yellow I believe it’s for luck at work or more money.

Celebrating at home? Take the broom and sweep outside so the bad things from last year will be gone.

Of course, champagne to welcome next year.

From my side, I love wearing something new. And of course, I have to have a very happy NYE.

Happy New Year travelers! Wish you lots of fun trips for next year! 🙂

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