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Feb. 9th 2017

Wow… long time not updating this area. I’ve been so busy lately, getting an MBA not that fun. In 2017 I didn’t get to travel as often as I used to, however, I went on my 1st cruise to Aruba, Curaçao and Grand Turk, it was different experience, time to relax but not my style. Although I’ll be doing it more often. Planning BIG and fun trip for July 2017.

Sept. 10th 2014

Updating this site with all the trips I’m missing to post. Editing photos for Acceso Total 29, Todo Sobre Disney and my own. Editing videos for AT29 (Acceso Total 29). Planning an amazing trip I’ll do soon, haven’t been, haven’t done it and I know I’ll love it!

Jan. 15th 2014

Just updating a little bit the site. Adding some pictures, changing some colors and I should be adding some post! 🙂 And also letting you know, although it’s only in Spanish, about a new blog ‘Todo Sobre Disney” (All about Disney) where we talk about all the theme parks in Orlando, specially Disney World and Universal Studios!

Jun. 7th 2013

Long time without updates… I’ve been working on so many things, other than AT29. I’m working on a new project (more traveling in a different way, more adventures), and other jobs besides traveling 🙂 I actually stayed for few months in Florida working with my brother on that new project. While I was there, some of my friends from Venezuela visited me, yei! We had a great time in Miami, Orlando (obviously, they needed to visit the Theme Parks, plus I love them) and I had to take them to Key West. And talking about traveling, just got back from a 3 week trip to Brazil! Love that country. It wasn’t my first time and I know it won’t be my last time. I have so many friends there and family as well. I went for a wedding in São Paulo and took the opportunity to visit other cities as Rio de Janeiro, Búzios (in RJ state), Santos (in SP state) and get to know more about the city of São Paulo. Everything was amazing, as every time I visit this neighbor country. Now I’m planning my summer time in Spain and Portugal 🙂 This time, I’m going for a road trip! oh yeah!

I still need to post all about my Summer 2012 in various cities in Europe :s I’m too slow! And then I’ll be posting about Brazil and some other cities in Venezuela!

Feb. 25th 2013

If you are visiting this blog now, sorry… I’m transferring everything from my previews site to this one. So, come back soon to see the whole site ready 🙂 and… more trips!

Jul. 14th 2012

I’m days away to a long and fun trip. Going back to South Florida (for only 2 days) and then Eurotrip 2012 yei! I’m going toMadrid, Sevilla, Granada, Geneve, Paris, Dijon, Amsterdam, Brussels, Brugues, Cologne and London. Visiting 3 of my favorite cities and obviously, getting to hang with friends I haven’t seen in while!! From the past, I went to Peru and felt in love with that country! Other than trips, still going to French classes, writing, editing and working on some web pages (not my ‘thing’ but well…)

Also, I downloaded an app for my iPad where I write more about the trips, while I’m on it. I take pictures and give some tips of the places I’m visiting that day –> MobilyTrip.

Mar. 20th 2012

I’m back in Venezuela. Lot of trips on the way and so much projects to do! 🙂 Incuding guest in a radio station every other time.. I started today french classes again! And today, a better version of my web page yosscastillo.com is online! (still working on it)

Dec. 15th 2011

I’m back from France and it was AMAZING! I got to know more about Paris and visited the French Riviere (Nice, Villefranche-sur-Mer and Eze), then we went to Mont Saint Michel and part of Loire Vailley. My French? Getting better but stuck with verbs.

Sep. 9th 2011

Going to Paris! Love that city. I’ll be in an intensive course to learn French as my 4th language. Stopping 1st in London for a day and then Paris. Naturally, I’ll be visiting other cities in France. Can’t wait.

Jun. 25th. 2010

Long time without updating, lots of things for the future and from the past. We’ve been doing tons of activities for AT29! Traveling, interviews to bands such as Los Paranoias, Andreazulado, Djembe, Chino y Nacho, Fordelucs (all Venezuelans); to personalities like actress and model Ivonne Reyes; going to events: Venezuelan Off Road & Adventure Festival and the re-launch of the Venezuelan magazine Que Pasa, and much more! On the way, more trips (Italy, France, more cities to see in Spain). Besides AT29, I’ve been writing a lot! I finished few weeks ago my first book, just clearing up few details and looking
for a name (very important) and since I can never take a break, I’m writing a new one. Hopefully you can read them soon! And I’m always updating by Twitter (WandererYoss) and AT29 as well (accesototal29)

Jun. 20th 2009

I was one of the guest speakers at a photography expo in Anzoategui, Venezuela. Talking about DP and how does the photography in film/video works. It was fun! Acceso Total shows you how the 1st photography expo went ‘Pintando con Luz’ (Drawing with light)

Nov. 8th 2008

Acceso Total in Oasis TV (Anzoategui Venezuela). Ana and myself were invited to “Loco estas tu” in Oasis TV. We talked about Acceso Total, our future plans with the show, how we met each others, and about books (since the show is about books). It was fun to be in the show, gracias!

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