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My 2015

It was an amazing year!! Of course, I had my bad moments, however, my awesome-super fun times block those that weren’t as good. As I always say, any bad decision or experience, it’s not a waste of time, it’s something that makes me stronger and teaches me a lot.


From trips to adventures, from being the maid of honor at one of my best friends wedding in Venezuela to celebrating my birthday in Brazil trying to get better with the language. It was a fun year.

I was in Orlando to welcome 2015, with my family (from Venezuela and from Brazil) at one of the Disney Resorts. Loved that resort! The Fort Wilderness is beautiful, you don’t need car to go around, maybe a bike, walk or rent (or bring your own) golf cart. You are -almost- in the middle of a forest, and I got to see lots of deer going around the area. Beautiful. We stayed at a cabin (my parents and myself), went around to see all the Christmas decoration by the trailers area, had delicious meals outside -and fighting with mosquitoes-. Although, all that was during Christmas 2014, but we stayed until January 5th.



In January I also visited with one of my best friends, Monica, Busch Gardens. We used to lived in St. Petersburg -close to the park- and visited BG lots of times, and it was about 13 years the last time we visited it! Super fun weekend with her back in Tampa Bay.



While talking with my Brazilian family, they invited me to spend March in São Paulo with them, and of course I accepted! By the end of February I was flying Orlando-Panama-São Paulo. I arrived and rented a car to go to Rio Claro where I was going to stay for that month. It’s a small city about 3 hours away from the capital of that state (SP). A fun road trip! I love spending time with my Brazilian family, they are amazing and always nice! I took some Portuguese classes, visited other cities nearby. It wasn’t a big deal the whole trip (it wasn’t a traveling around, it was more ‘family time’) but I had an amazing time… and I ate A LOT! Delicious food of course, it’s impossible not to eat coxinhas or brigadeiro or meat or any other Brazilian dish, love it. Even the cake I had for my birthday was mouthwatering and huge that it lasted for 2 days.



Back in Venezuela, I think I only stayed in Caracas 1 day, because I went with Ana to help her with last details for her big day. We were between 3 different cities, driving and taking things from one side to the other. I visited 2 new towns in Venezuela with her and of course, as usually, had a fun time! First their civil ceremony, very simple but fun at his aunt’s home. Plus I’ve got to meet amazing people! Then it was her wedding, beautiful church -although we arrived super late and then the priest scolded us 🙂 lol – and then we all went to a gorgeous ranch, and everything was decorated very vintage and perfect for the location. It was a beautiful day and night, super fun and different.


While in my country, I decided to visit places I’ve never been before, and one of those was Canaima National Park, although I’ve been to part of it, in Gran Sabana and when I went trekking to Mount Roraima, this time I visited a different area, one that the easiest and fastest way to get to is by a small plane that it was shaking a lot on the way to Canaima. But it was all to see the highest waterfall in the world: Angel Falls! GORGEOUS and incredible experience! I couldn’t stop my tears when I saw that waterfall so close to me. Awe-inspiring!! I think that was my highlight of 2015.



Also visited, again, Hacienda Santa Teresa with family and friends. Always have a good time, drinking various type of rum!


There was a sunny-beach-fun week where I first went for the weekend to Aruba with my family and as soon as I went back to Venezuela, I drove to Chichiriviche to meet with Ana and her (now) husband, so we could enjoy a day at Morrocoy National Park. Then they left and my family went and we stayed 3 more days. Aruba is beautiful, spectacular beaches, friendly people, fun nights, delicious food and beautiful sighs. And then Morrocoy more stunning clear water beaches, visiting a starfish area, since the water is so clear, you get to see them so close. Oh… and how can I forget the best ‘cocada’ I tried in Aruba and the best ‘piña colada’ in Morrocoy! Yummy!




By Summer, I was flying back to Florida. 3 months between South Florida, Florida Keys, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando. Biking a lot, kayaking at breathtaking parks in Central Florida where those lakes were inviting me to swim but because were improvised short trips, I wasn’t prepare, but enjoyed the nature so much! Including that time while biking and saw 2 deer so close to me and even a black bear crossing the road while in Ocala National Forest!



It was time for me to get ready for 3 months in Europe! 2 suitcases and traveling with my brother to Madrid. While in Madrid 3 friends visited, the first one from Switzerland, we met while studying English in St. Petersburg (FL), then one from Venezuela that she was moving to Spain and later a friend from Belgium just having a fun weekend in Madrid.



While in Madrid, I went to Paris (I never get tired of it) and Copenhagen that it was for a birthday party and had an amazing time with new friends at that incredible city, I really fell in love with Copenhagen!

2015-11-14 13.00.07

2015-11-14 15.03.15-1

Back in Spain, one day I went to the Atocha station so I can visit Cuenca. Few minutes away by train and few hours to get to see its historical streets and buildings.


Now, waiting for 2016 with my adoptive family in Madrid, friends for a long time and lovely people, my voice is almost gone although getting better, grey sky and cold but not as cold as when I visited in 2008.

2015-12-24 22.55.50

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2016!!! Hope all your dreams come true and lots of trips during this new year that is about to begin! ¡Feliz año! Feliz ano novo!! Bonne année!! Godt nytår!! 🙂

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