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Botanical Garden – Jardí Botànic (Valencia)

I rarely visit a botanical garden or something like it. It has to have a story or something to grab my attention. However, this time, while in Valencia, since I was with one of my best friends, and she loves visiting those gardens, I decided to go with her. After that visit, I wanted to go to some other gardens.


Still, not my favorite spot to see while on a trip, but I was very entertained taking pictures to all the different flowers and trees that I still have no idea about their names. Specially that day since it was raining and the water drops on the petals looked amazing.


This is actually a place that people recommend to see while in Valencia. After we walked through the historical sites and modern areas, and even a stroll by the beach (because of the weather we didn’t even bother to bring swimsuits, it was beginning of April and it was very cold for us plus lots of rain)



If you love flowers of all kind, relaxing a bit with nature in the middle of the city, don’t forget to stop at the Jardí Botànic in Valencia. Specially if you want to play with your camera 🙂



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