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Acceso Total 29

Ok… let me tell you a little bit about what’s Acceso Total 29 that I mention a lot on my posts.

Acceso Total 29, (@AccesoTotal29 on Instagram/Twitter), is an online show about tourism, sports and entertainment. Basically, it is about our trips around the world (or trying to make it around the world), plus the parties, sports, music, concerts, and anything that is part of our trips. Canopy in Costa Rica, footvolley in Hollywood, FL., rafting in Venezuela, New Year’s eve in Madrid, Slash visiting Venezuela or the night we spotted Dennis Rodman in Ft. Lauderdale.


As we say, tourism is not just traveling to a point, it’s getting to know its culture, sports, language, music and more!

In 2008, Ana (journalist) and myself (video producer/editor) got together in Miami to do what we love: our careers and travel!

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